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Act does not include limited liability corporation as entity that must comply with campaign finance reporting requirements; does not address expenditure of funds transferred from political action committee to limited liability corporation.

The Honorable Richard Cullen served as Attorney General of Virginia from June 11, 1997, to January 17, 1998. Gilmore, III, served as Attorney General during 1996 until his resignation on June 11, 1997. Official opinions will be posted as they are issued, generally within 24 to 48 hours.Person with valid concealed weapons permit who carries gun to school and leaves it unattended, and not on his or her person, is in violation of statute prohibiting weapons possession on school property except when engaged in any of activities specifically exempted.Such person is not entitled to carry gun onto school property or school bus.Whether bill applies to or affects specific piece of property must be decided on case-by-case basis.Incorporation of term "nonprofit" in definition of "residential facility" in Senate Bill 449 creates discriminatory distinction that violates Virginia Fair Housing Law.

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